Saturday, August 14, 2010

A thousand tiny men...

Well, not a thousand, but I just finished my Early germans last evening, and my Marian Romans arrived a few days ago and on top of all that I found an unpainted platoon for my SS Panzergrenadiers. So I have been paiting, painting and painting. It has been a while since I could take the time to paint so much, and it's been a really good week!
Here are the germans, with their sacred wood, and village camps, as well as the rest of the work in progress!
Click to enlage:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Cast away!

I have been working with my molds for several days now and have made quite a few castings. Here is a shot of my workspace:
The process goes well and I an very happy with the result! I'll add some more info about this in my "for sale" page, with pictures, prices and such.

Now, I have done other things as well beside making molds and casting. My DBA army, the Teutonic Orders have got reinforcements for when used in Hordes of the Things, behold the mighty unbased Airship and the Steamtanks! (Counts as Airboat and Behemoths in HotT)