Friday, April 6, 2012

Opel and Pak 40

I found a plastic kit of Airfix Opel and Pak 40 a few days ago, finished it last night.
The windows are made from thin plastic, I think it look better with than without.
Bases are made of old student id-cards. The grey uniforms looks a bit blue, but in reality it is quite nice. My first gun in 20mm scale, what a blast!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get them done!

Two posts in one day? I guess it's because I hit 11000 a while ago and feel I have to give something extra!

This will be the big project for a time, while I’ll be putting some effort to my 1/72 ww2 Germans these boys in red will be taking up my main painting time for a while. Why? Because I’ll try to get some people to paint their napoleonics too and get them into a game!

I traded some Hordes minis for the British centre units with greyer basing, while they are painted quite similar to mine, the bases won’t do, I’ll probably add some green grass to them and paint the edge to match mine. But I think I’ll keep the dead grass, and have it on my remaining centre companies too, as it is easier to distinguish from the flankers then.

The small unit of 95-th got some additions with regular red jackets, but hey, in war one don’t complain about colors as long as you don’t look like them frogs!

The two boxes are not full, as the new centre unit come from them, but on the other hand there is a box of British Hussar on the way not on the picture.

More mini tanks

This weekend I finished the rest of my meager 6mm collection. I might add some infantry someday, but for now, I think I'll focus my ww2 stuff to 1/72 scale. Not that I have any of those inbound, oh no...
Anyway, I think these will be enough for a small firefight someday, it is fun with those small side projects.

Shermans and Stuarts

Tigers, Panzer IVh and Sd.Kfz 222