Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quick 4'x4' Gameboard

When playing a game of song of x, dba and other smaller games it is a bit big to use the 2'x4' gameboards I've done earlier, so I decided to give my small dba table a little makeover.

It's four really easy steps, but for those who want a little help to make their own, i took pictures of the process so you can follow and do it yourself:

This is where I began, a little paint, white glue and static grass (I mixed several different types to get my variant) as well as the four boring felt clad wooden boards:
 Step 1:
Paint all the boards!
 Step 2:
Add a little sand mixed with white glue if you want. Here it is winter and the sand outside is more or less like a pit of concrete, so I used vallejos grey pumice instead, my favourite texture material.
Step 3:
Paint the now dried texture, I drybrushed a few layers of brown, each lighter than the previous.
Step 4:
Mix some  white glue with water about 50/50, and paint one board, then pour a lot of static grass on it, allow to dry for a while then shake off everything that did not stuck. Make sure to shake it on a newspaper so you easily can use it again! Repeat three more times and youre done!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Karoliner on the march!

With a little help from bad tv and Palazzo Rosso my 1:72 scale Swedish army is now all done, I am really satisfied about how it turned out, even though I did'nt spend that very long on each individual soldier. I wanted the whole army to look nice and unified on the shelf/table, and so I am saving my painting stamina for the pending 28mm napoleonic project, the first box should be here this week!
Can you spot the unit from Wermlands regiment?

I have absoluteley no experience with the Black Powder system, but after flipping through the rulebook I'm really eager to get a game or two on the table! That's why the Danish army is growing quite fast. Note the band of "snapphanar"/pro Danish rebels in the foreground.

On a side note, I really enjoyed painting the red and white uniforms of the Danish soldiers, that is a very good thing because the 28mm napoleonic army I am going to paint is the Brittish, with some merry 95-th of course!