Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bushido board pt 3

Onwards to painting! A good base paint of brown mixed with a little grey will be a solid base to work  with.


And fully painted. after it dried a bit more the tiles were a bit more visible.

There is a Bushido tournament in Gothenburg at the end of november, I have ordered another model so I can have 45 rice/points if I can find time to get there, I will also bring my table as well!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bushido board pt 2

The board is getting more attention than ever.

Starting with adding filler with the best tool availible.

Give it a good rough handling and be sure to use a lot of filler to get it in every tiny gap of the foam. 

After smearing filler all over the board, I brushed everything to give it better texture than my fingers did, I did it extra rough over the tiles to get them visible again.

Then I dipped the brush in water to make the filler a little more fluid, it had gotten a bit hard since I began and also to brush the tiles again with water to make them even more visible.

I mixed in a bit of fine aquarium sand with filler and water and brushed the rivers with this.

After the messy messy filler part was done I poured fine sand over the board, especially over the rivers.

While waiting for the filler to dry I played a game of X-wing, a tight game with my opponent manouvered very good and was everywhere and avoided crashing with a few millimetres every turn. But the last two turns my ships went bananas and critically hit everything and evaded almost anything coming  their way, and the Tie's were reduced to space rubble. 
Better luck next time, Empire.

After wiping the floor/space with my opponent I shaked all excess sand of the board and waited for some paint to come it's way, more of that next time!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Bushido board pt 1

So, starting a new game is for me almost the same as building a board to go with the game. With my Bushido  models fresh from the brushworks it is time to get messy...

The board after cleaning up all the tiny white dots, a billion white little dots...

Cutting up all the tiles for the paved roads.

And the roads glued in place.

The inspiration comes from Tianmen Mountains in China, obviously this is just the inspiration.
The board will have a lot of platforms and passages for models to glare angrily at each other from.

On to the even messier part, filler!