Sunday, February 5, 2012

Middle eastern buildings 5 & US force

So, after sanding and painting the bases of the buildings, and adding a road section to give more room for the vehicles one can say the village is done. Wee! But I think it lack's all the fancy details like rubble and sign of people living there. This will be added later, as well as all the stuff in the market's empty square.

And I think I'll have to add more large buildings too as the chaps over at Ambush Alley Games are finishing their Fallujah- book now..

The pictures:

Sgt. Melvin is inspecting the troops

Fireteam 1&2 with boss and sniper team

Fireteam 3&4 with boss and firework

 Family shot with Big Boss in the middle

 Everything fits in a not too large box

I added soft patches under everything to protect the table and while transporting