Friday, October 5, 2012

Us infantry complete, and vikings taking shape

I think I am happy with my infantry now, the flash is eating away some details but I think the picture do them some justice. Will take a lot of better pictures when it's all done.
I also have begun to paint the vikings, lovely models that compared to the 1/35 master box models are quite quick to paint!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


After the glue incident earlier I decided to finish the model I was working on, as fate would have it, the model was the chieftain of my small viking warband, born through disaster I shall name him Einar Bottle Bane!
I mounted them on washers, with Einar getting a bigger one to help identify him on the table and also to prevent having him falling again. :)
Thanks to Eng ( ) for the minis who I beleive are Gripping Beast.
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Proof that it's time for a timeout, caffeine and a trip to buy more glue.
I managed to save the things I glued minus a few bits, and the bottle was 2/3 empty. The most annoying thing is that this is the SECOND friggin cutting mat that I mess up...

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