Thursday, October 31, 2013

Warmachine - game on!

After helping starting up the local games club here in Eksjö and getting a permanent local, I have been able to play a lot more games, yesterday was the official opening with a little celebration and it was a lot of people the as well as new people dropping by to see what it was all about. A great day!

I also got to play some Warmachine, two 25p games with my cygnar, one game against the Khador, and one against Menoth, it went sour for my valiant shooters, but I was fun to play, and against Menoth it was a tense game to the bitter end. Next time...

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rogue Squadron takes on Bombers

Yesterday I and a friend at the gaming club played a round of 100p x-wing, I had the new B-wing and three rogue squadron x's, he had two bombers and three Tie fighters. Plus we both had some missiles and things.
It was a great game with lots of nice manouvering, and some not so nice, krasch! He downed all my shields and i focused one tie at a time, he got in a great bomb at three of my wings simultaneously, but in the end I gunned him down, with all ships intact. Win!

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Ito Clan-ish for Bushido

Yesterday I finished some old GM-4 miniaures I got as a gift from my buddy Jonas too long ago, I had some oriental project in mind but it never left the thinking phase, now with Bushido I found no reason not to use them, and as you get the cards (as well as the rules) from their homepage it was no problem to find models to replace with them.

I am happy with the result and I got a small 15rice group. (Bushidos don't have points, they have rice!)