Saturday, February 16, 2013

Airbrushing done.

I have finished the airbrush stage on the vehicles, and now they await the finer detailing and weathering. The Stormraven is also getting a paintjob on the inside, as well as some lights.
On the pictures you can see the masking (that took some time I tell you!) and the Stormravens in parts and assembled.
Hope this will inspire someone to give this a try!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Airbrushing urban camo

Today I primed the last Razor and the Stormraven black, and I also added a layer of grey as the base for the urban camo they will have. I finished the camo on the first Razor, and it looks pretty good! The other two have been masked and are ready to go. The camo is painted in three layers, with a mask of 'blue-tack' between layer one, two and three.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Upgrading Rhinos

The Stormraven is built, but not fully assembled as I intend to paint the interior and add the lights. And because I had another Rhino still in the box I built that too so I could prime and airbrush them at the same time.

I also made a little conversion to make them razors with lascannoms, just because I have always liked the good ol lascannon! The bases are from Mantics sci-fi range.
A big thanks goes to Håkan in Växjös gaming club, Väs, for providing the cannons!

As a side note, I am not that happy with the silver sceme on the vehicles. That is just dumb, I understand the "we are allmighty and fear none" fluff, but a missile is still a missile.. I think the infantry has a bit of a psychological effect on the enemy in shiny bright armour, and when they are within charge range, camo matters little. But the vehicles will be too much of an easy target, so I have decided to do some sort of grey city camo on them, and then I can play with the airbrush more as well! :)

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stormraven in the making

I had this idea of having my grey knights as a fast air inserted force. And then I need a Stormraven flying box.. er.. ship? I have to remind myself this is a spacecraft and has antigrav thingies and need no streamlined shapes. Not even on the wings.. And rudders.. No.
I think the Eldar copyrighted all that streamline thingies a long time ago, sued the crap out of the human empire and now they have to make do wuth flying milk-boxes!

On to the build, I really like this kit, and some small LED lights are inbound. ;-)
I also intend to magnetise it all with different weapon options, and if you have not guessed, the telescopic  flightstand is magnetised as well.
This will be a fun thing to do, now, onward and upward!

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