Friday, January 25, 2013

Grey knights airbrushed

I looked around the web on a nice way to paint my silver dudes that would not take too long to do, I found that a black primer, a light airbrush of grey with just an even lighter zenith lightning of white would make a very nice foundation for a thin layering of silver. The silver would then be shaded from start. I will then add a nice and spicy wash of purple to the metal to give it a more interesting tint, before finishing with some black wash and a final layer of silver. It may work...

I need an extra 145p for my force to reach 1500p, and I have this Nomad Infinity sniper... Hmm, Vindicare Assassin? All painted I think he will fit like a bullet in a hole! :) On his back you can clearly see how the purple metal will look. And it is a bit too much, on the knights it will be a little thinner.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Terminators glued!

There is a whole lot of bits to assemble, and I mean that in a good way! As there are three different types of special weapons for the squad, and I dont really know what to choose I went for magnets again. Pretty handy little things, but it sure took its time to carve out the holes for the magnets..

I got captain Stern as my HQ, but I cant turn down a good conversion, so he will be a regular Captain with a halberd instead, and to make him less like the original I also swapped his bolter hand for a plastic one, the banner termie gratefully accepted a little extra weight.

The squad leader got the falchions as I personally like the look, another guy got the 'obligatory' hammer, the rest more halberds. I think it will make a good mix.

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Srtarting the Grey Knights

Nothing defines 40k as a Rhino, I dont remember how many I have done over the years but these two will most certainly be the best ones as I will try to paint the interior too!

I also got the Dredd together, and of course it is magnetised. I also put the base on magnets as I intend to have it flown in from a Storm Raven flyer, and how bad would a base look on it when swooping through the air?
I also took some bits from my medieval knights to give it a more unique look, as well as some shields. I want all the vehicles to have shields with the teutonic cross to give them a bit of unity.
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