Armies, terrain and old projects

This is where I'll collect pictures of some creations I made before I started this blog.
When I have all my old pictures available this section will be better organized...
Klick to zoom in, enjoy!

First of is one of my Flames of War armies, the British Commandos:

And two StugG's from my german Flames of War army:

Captain America!

Horde's Legion of Everblight elfs:
This tower is one of the biggest single piece of terrain I have made:

Warhammer 40k Mammoth Tank, sold:
The men in black!
Coast assault:

And my attempt at Anima Tactics, sold:
Lord of the Rings Cave troll, the armor is made by me, sold:
The Emperors Armour, Predator and Dreadnoughts are fully magnetizated. Sold:
Captain Stern of the Demonhunters, sold:
Tau skimmer, sold:
I made a 3D gameboard for one of the best CMG's ever made, Mutant Chronicles from Fantasy Flight Games. Too bad it is discontinued. When I am rich and famous, I'll build an entire city for this great game!
Some generic fantasy terrain, sold:
Paper buildings from