Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stuff for Song of Blades and Heroes

Recently I stumbled across a wonderful game called Song of Blades and Heroes, really cheap to download, it is easy to learn, has an excel warband creator and is really fun to play. The fighting system is somewhat similar to DBA, and there are lot's of expansions and similar game systems. Check it out!

I bought some Corvus Belli miniatures and washers for bases and decided to make a few warbands themed around the Robin Hood story (and trolls!). Anyways, here are my three totally illegal warbands for SBH, the Knights:

And the Merry Men in Tights:

The angry farmers... no, not a warband, maybe objectives or trollfood, but not a warband.

And the smelly Trolls! (Prince August molds)

And of course some scratch built terrain to fight over:


  1. Very Nice. I also have started to paint some minis for Song of Blades and Heroes. My first warband will be 28mm and focused around a "Teutonic" Knight and hes followers.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  2. It's a very nice little game, be sure to post some pic's of that knight!