Friday, August 26, 2011

British artillery

Next up for my british army is the artillery, I enjoyed doing these because the larger base that allows a little more diorama of the model.


  1. Looks very nice !!!

    Best regards Dalauppror

  2. Way to go, they look great!

    Had thought about getting the Victrix artillery set myself (it is the Victrix set isn't it?)but thought they looked a bit thin and fragile. How have you found them overall?

  3. Thanks to both of you!

    They are Victrix, and they are about as sturdy as the other victrix models, not as bulletproof as GW's cannons, but I was never concerned about it, and if you base them it should never be an issue.

    Get your own cannon today!

  4. Wise words indeed. Yoda himself might even say was Yoda 'A sturdy base a tough miniature make' :0)

    Will be looking forward to your future posts and projects. Keep up the good work.