Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Insurgent Force

They are scary, bearded and generally unhappy with the world today. No, I don't think about live rpg people, but my force of insurgents! Some elements of them have been seen before, but never as a group. Click to enlarge.

Family shot, Melvin is glaring at me for not given permission to play with all the toys. 

I had some GW resin bombs I thought would be perfect for hot spots. 

The leaders, tufts to the front!

The heavy section. Lmg's have tufts to the back, rpg's are easier to spot, so no tufts for them.
Technicals, I picked up these pickups at a toy department in a supermarket.

The armour. Not sure if the insurgents could handle these, I might need some of Saddam's loyalists.

Mr. VIP and his bulletproof car, or so he hopes.. 

I got some US models left, why not make a small SOF team? You never know when you need them!


  1. This is a superb looking force, the technicals really add that extra character to it. In your caption for the leader models I thought you were referring to their beards, haha!

  2. Great force. That BMP is especialy nice.

  3. I really like the idea of using base decoration to mark out special models. Great looking force!

  4. Thanks guys! I think I stole the tuft idéa from somewhere, but sharing is caring. ;)