Saturday, March 10, 2012

Shermans vs Tigers

I had some skytrex minis HoTT based a while ago, but since then I have found lots of interesting websites, such as this with too much inspiration to let my poor minis look like drybrush victims of a broom. I took some of them of their bases again, and gave them some real paintjob!
I begun with some base color, then a thin black wash, a second base color for the tigers, and a highlight before painting tracks and freehanding stars and crosses.

Too bad I can't seem to get good macro shots, I tried a lot of different lights, the sun is recharged and even then I cant really seem to get the real color on the pictures. Well, here they are, enjoy and remember, they are in 1/300 scale, a man is supposed to be 6mm next to these "beasts" (bugs?).

The tiger looks big when placed next to the sherman, but not when placed next to anyting else!