Friday, March 2, 2012

WW2 in 6mm

I figured I should do something about my little collection of 6mm models, and after running into another Hordes of The Things WW1 variant I thought 'what the boccage' and based everything. And as no rules survives contact with a wargamer I tweaked these a little with song of and viola; a HoTT WW2 version with tanks that shoot! I also had a small WW1 german force of mostly infantry, so I took them as well, divided the infantry and some guns into germans and british. Yes the models are wrong wrong wrong, but at this size I don't care as long as I can get something that resembles two forces.

Nuff talk, here's the photos, click to enlarge. Not much is painted, and I sure will do something about what is painted!

Ze Germans

The British

I promise to post better pictures with detail of the models when I deem them worthy, until then I have to talk myself out of getting deeper into this 6mm thing.. They truly are addictive! Easy to store, amazing detail, even on the infantry, cute(?), and one can field lots even on a small table! 
The downside is that I have a hard time deciding if a handful (litterary!) of minis is worth what I could get in 20mm? I had this idéa of getting a bunch of 20mm infantry and a few Dapol buildings for a WW2 FoF force, but now I am drawn to a late war 6mm german army instead...
What would you do? :)

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