Thursday, April 26, 2012

More men to the front!

The gent's at the gaming club in my old town are talking more about getting a big game on the table, and that is quite the inspiration to brush up a few more of 'the scum of the earth' aka the infantry of the greatest army of the world!
Also, enter the new officer, it's really just a drummer boy's body with the drum thingie filed off, but makes a nice litte excuse of a murdering officer in the shape of a spoiled brat.

The sergeant again pondered a quick stab to save his comadres from yet another foolish charge.


  1. They look marvellous. What make of figures are they?

  2. Thanks! They are victrix, all my napoleonic are, but I have some Perry's hussars galloping their way here from the mysterious island.

  3. Superb work Jonathan. Lovely!