Friday, April 6, 2012

Opel and Pak 40

I found a plastic kit of Airfix Opel and Pak 40 a few days ago, finished it last night.
The windows are made from thin plastic, I think it look better with than without.
Bases are made of old student id-cards. The grey uniforms looks a bit blue, but in reality it is quite nice. My first gun in 20mm scale, what a blast!


  1. Lovely job Jonathan, I am glad you based the Blitz as the Airfix Opel has a nasty tendency to break he axles.

    Well down.

  2. Thanks mate! Yeah, I think most vehicles intended to wargaming will benefit from basing. The axles did break for me when taken from the sprue... :P

  3. Really sweet Blitz...I notice you filled in the windows. Good idea, I have been wondering what to do with some Pegasus trucks and their windscreens. Very interesting blog.