Tuesday, September 11, 2012

GHQ unboxing

Today I got one of two awaited packages, still looking at you Dropzone Commander...
Anyhow, now I finally got infantry for my 6mm FoF from Magister Militum. I am selling of my 20mm fof stuff as it takes a lot of space, and for solo sessions I like the (very) small area that 6mm scale takes.

I took some pictures of what you get right out of the blister, as I haven't seen these kind of photos myself, perhaps someone find them useful! Click to enlarge.

All the super tiny minis, us infantry to the left, toyota pickups top and insurgents right.

Close-up  on the pickups, there is even a little sprue of HMG's.

The insurgents, with lots of AK's and some RPG's.

Us infantry, the detail is superb!

They also had a probability dice.
This could come in handy when making scenarios or buying lottery tickets!