Thursday, September 20, 2012

Land War in Asia

So, this post is part to enter a contest, and part to send some thoughts to the readers from my experience regarding trying something new. With this in mind I shall start to LINK to the inspirational post by Mr. Landwar, the post Drive-By was the last one AAR post I read before trying the FoF ruleset after reading lots of different AAR's on different blogs and forum, as well as Landwar's own posts.

My point here is that I find that blog a very well written one with nice in-game photos making it easy to follow rules-wise as well as narrative. In short, very inspirational and fun to read!

I dare to believe that this Drive-By post was the thing that made me want to try out FoF for myself even though I had no opponent. So, not only did it inspire me to try a new set of rules, it also opened the door to real solo gaming.

So regardless if you do have opponents or not, it shall not hinder you to try out something new once in a while, be it rules or solo gaming!

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