Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tiny desert town finished!

It took just these few days, and still I don't finish things more often?!

The hills are made of some old chunks of plaster that I got from a friend ages ago, most of the roads have some filler brushed onto them to give a feeling of wear. The factory probably need a bit of tidying up, and I forgot to paint the helipad next to the army base, you can see the circle in the first picture.
Every tile is 20x20 cm. Anyhow, here it is:

Some scotia or skytrex vehicles to show the witdh of the streets.

A little closeup to show the road structure.


  1. How cute, its like an small village only smaller.

    Nice tuch with the industry.
    You will need an bigger army base later on with parking spaces for more tanks.

    Strange, I just got the sudden urge to play sim city.

  2. Looks fantastic, and kudos on the completion speed!

  3. Very nice gaming area. I think the bldg which is offset on the layout from the others is a nice "real life' touch. Not everything in the real world is squared-up nice and pretty. Looking forward to enjoying more of your modeling.

  4. Great job, and I love the road system connection points. Excellent work!

  5. Thanks all! It's really fun to hear all the kind words!