Thursday, October 18, 2012

UCM ground vehicles and flyers

Yesterday I finished painting the UCM vehicles and flyers, the infantry is still "naked", giving me that awkward look from the paint station.. The pictures did't turn out as nice as I hoped, but I'll try to make a better job when everything is done. Let's take a look at the pictures, click to enlarge:

The whole gang.

 Command vehicle and two infantry transports.

Standard tanks.

Anti aircraft tanks, but surely they will make a hole in any infantry too!

Heavy tanks.

Interceptors, the pilots are high-fiving each other on the fly-by.

Medium dropship rear, I like the blueish tint on the exhaust.

And front view. I think the red tint/glow on the aircrafts windows look quite nice!


  1. This is good, real good.
    I love the red canopies.

  2. The dropship is impressive. I like the camo and the red glow from the cockpit.