Monday, November 12, 2012

Bradley diorama finished!

Here it is, my second attempt at a vehicle in 1/35 scale, and I tell you, it won't be the last...
I also had a chance to try out airbrushing at a larger scale, something I have been wanting for some time, and I think the result is great, the shading comes more naturally and the highlights really get something to play against. Another good thing with larger scale is that the camera recognizes the models faces and takes a wee bit better pictures.
Nuff said, enjoy the diorama, and click the images to get a better view!

The idéa behind this scene is that a lone Bradley making it's way through the desert is having some engine trouble, the transported fireteam keep an eye on the horizon and the driver goes out to have a look, and explains to the team leader that "this might take a while".


  1. Damn this is good, real good.

    The only thing as I allready told you. A small patch or two of grass on the same side as the tree would be great.

  2. Good work mate.