Friday, January 25, 2013

Grey knights airbrushed

I looked around the web on a nice way to paint my silver dudes that would not take too long to do, I found that a black primer, a light airbrush of grey with just an even lighter zenith lightning of white would make a very nice foundation for a thin layering of silver. The silver would then be shaded from start. I will then add a nice and spicy wash of purple to the metal to give it a more interesting tint, before finishing with some black wash and a final layer of silver. It may work...

I need an extra 145p for my force to reach 1500p, and I have this Nomad Infinity sniper... Hmm, Vindicare Assassin? All painted I think he will fit like a bullet in a hole! :) On his back you can clearly see how the purple metal will look. And it is a bit too much, on the knights it will be a little thinner.

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  1. Ohh that Infinity miniature are really good. Also you got something else in this blog entry.

  2. I really fancy the color scheme on the guy with the gun. Cool!!!