Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Teutonic Knights

I got two boxes today from Fireforge games, the Teutonic knights and mounted sargents. They will be a modest start in my whfb bretonnia army. The reason is that I have discovered there actually lives players in this small town! And with "bretonnians" I can still be pretty historical! :)

The models are so awesome I dont know where to begin, so detailed and full of character! What I thought would be a puny 1000 pointer seems to be a fully mustered army with several troop types and regiments!

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  1. Very theatrical. I can see them as Bretonnians. How ya gonna paint 'em?

  2. They will be as Teutonic as I can, white with a black cross. Will get ospreys book about them to have a true "codex".