Monday, May 20, 2013

More russian painting!

Some black on the weapons, wheels and tracks. And two washes to make the details pop. I think I will add a light drybrushed highlight and then move on to the base. Its nice to paint these minis as even if I dont really have the time I can go over all of them in just a small time with a little paint.

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  1. Great progress indeed. Dammit your making me interested in going small scale... (again, damn you..)

  2. Thanks!
    Yeah, just wait untill I get the swedes painted up too, with a little village to fight over!

  3. Great job on the wash and the colours! I really like what you are doing with your micro armors! Are u going to matt varnish it? cos you know how acrylic paint doesn't stick onto metal as well as plastic. And if u are putting them through wargaming... it might scratch the paint yah?