Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Busido board pt 6, the DISASTER

So, here is the story of an epic hobby failure. It was a long time since I made a stupid mistake like this, not counting splashing superglue everywhere on your hands and tools. There is a reason I didn't post anything regarding adding tracks to my t-34 last night. Let mistakes, common or not, be a reminder to think a bit more next time there is something that can possibly go wrong..

Anyhow, I use Still Water from Vallejo, as I think it is the best product and with the best clear result for a still water.

 This is the intended result, with the water stop at the end, a nice piece of water, waiting to dry. Normally you should wait 24 hours between the layers, with each layer being just a millimetre or so. But since I have a very rough surface to cover, that would mean that I have a lot of different levels of the first layer wich will make the next layer not quite match up, so as I have tried this before I knew that with a few more days I can add so much water as the first layer is flat. This is good if you want to add fish for example... ;)

Now for the bad things, I have stuck the plants in the river, pressing through the bottom and as a result the water slipped past the hard mix of sand and filler.

The pillars that should hold the bridge is also pressed down, not a long way at all but you can clearly see the holes which the water went through. The problem was that apparently white styrofoam isn't waterproof as you might have imagined, I sure did. The Still Water wasn't so still after all, and after a panicked wiping and covering of the holes underneath, without tilting the whole board I carefully put the hole board on a cut up big plastic bag so the water effect would not damage anything underneath the board, this will be a permanent solution as the water effect now has glued the bag and the board tohether. Oh well, you learn something every day, no matter how sticky and messy it may be..

 Here are some fishies, waiting to harden and get painted, these will then be glued to the first layer of water, and then be covered with more water.


  1. Doh! I also thought that Styrofoam would be waterproof. Well, you live and learn.

    Thanks for the tip about Vallejo Still Water, now I don't have to look around and try a lot of stuff.

  2. Great post Jonathan. I learnt alot from this. Like Leif I will keep my eye out for this product.

    Good recovery effort.