Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stormraven in the making

I had this idea of having my grey knights as a fast air inserted force. And then I need a Stormraven flying box.. er.. ship? I have to remind myself this is a spacecraft and has antigrav thingies and need no streamlined shapes. Not even on the wings.. And rudders.. No.
I think the Eldar copyrighted all that streamline thingies a long time ago, sued the crap out of the human empire and now they have to make do wuth flying milk-boxes!

On to the build, I really like this kit, and some small LED lights are inbound. ;-)
I also intend to magnetise it all with different weapon options, and if you have not guessed, the telescopic  flightstand is magnetised as well.
This will be a fun thing to do, now, onward and upward!

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1 comment:

  1. Haha, thats just grait.
    But I still think you should get better light then the tinsy winsy led light you planned and getter propper ones and use it as a light source in your living room. I cant shake the picture of an floorlamp out of my head.