Thursday, September 30, 2010

Two and a half men

Today I got help with the gameboard not only from my gaming friend, but the neighbour kid also dropped by to lend a hand to the project. Creating a world is not an easy thing to do alone, you know.

We actually came a very long way today, starting with adding trees and making the bridge, then we took a turn to the textile shop for some more pieces of cloth to add to the underside of the boards, nailed it to the boards and wapped everything with duct-tape around the edges.
We also put a piece of plasticard at the end of the river to block the water effect, then we finished todays work on the board by painting everything black that stood up from the edges above the tape.

The picture is in this position just to give a better view of the boards, we don't have weird gravity here yet.

Afterwards we added grass to the bases of those now painted walls and fences from GW I got earlier this week.

Next time it would be time to do something about that bridge, paint the bottom of the river, and add the water, then I think we are quite ready!

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