Friday, October 1, 2010

Under the Bridge

Today I have done mostly detail work, added vallejos grey pumice to give better structure to the bridge and the rocks, painted them as well as made the roads, stones and riverbanks more realistic and less gray. I also added some more grass around the rocks and the bridge.

I am almost out of water, and I want to pour everything in one go, so I'll have to wait a little for that, in the meantime I put some of vallejos water effect between the board and the piece of plasticard at the end of the river so the model water wont run of the board. I also lightly added some green color to the riverbed.

I want the bridge to work both for 28mm and 15mm scale, so I made it as neutral as I could, thoughts?

I can't do much more now untill I get my hands on some more model water. Off to other projects, I have an army to paint!

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