Saturday, October 8, 2011


I got some inspiration from this guy, and decided that I needed some better bases for my old clicky mechwarrior models. I'm thinking of using the Flying Lead rules from Ganeshagames, and make some cool mechy weapons in their online weapon builder. Just love those ganesha guys, amazingly easy rules with endless possibilities. And for once I shall try to make good looking bases, the rest of the paintjob is almost done already, so I have no excuse not to.

So, here I am so far, I have a lot more models to base, but I began with these few:

As you can see, my table is a mess, just like it should be!


  1. This I like...

    They look realy good, but as you wrote the bases nead someing extra on those big mechs.

  2. Yeah, check out todays post for more base business!