Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mechwarriors, based and painted

So, I have finished the basing, and did a little touch up on the prepainted models too. I did some washing, drybrushing and made sure not to cover the decals. Not too much difference, but the result speak for itself, doesn’t it?

I have a dead ugly brother!

So, here they are, from the puny PBI, to the gods of the battlefield, enjoy, click and get mechanized!

The whole family!

 Of course my paintstation is full of other steel behemoths… ;-)


  1. Wow, those models is some of your best (to date... feel the preshure to keep it on this level...hehe)

    Those bases realy lifts the whole models. Realy nice work.

  2. Crap, now I have to keep this up... Well, in my defence, these are just touched up prepaints, and steel monsters are far easier than organic ones.. But hey, I surely will try to keep this up!