Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tiny green man

I got inspired by this guy who painted up some 15mm barbarians, and thought I should give 15mm sculpting a try.
It truly looks liek crap, especially his hands, and he is a tad too large. The sword is just a quick stand in, and I will make a better one later.
Though you should know that I made this one in very bad lightning friday night, without any measuring, scetching or anything else.

Once again blogger shines with it inability to rotate pictures..


  1. Its a good start if nothing else.
    Looks good.
    Test to flip the pictures in paint.

    So whats the idea with this proeject ?

  2. Thanks, there is no idéa, just haven't sculpted for a year or so, thought I should give it a go before I forget how. :)

  3. Sculpting is a mystery to me, so I think this is amazing. He looks pretty good for a shakedown sculpt, don't stop!

  4. Thanks mate! He actually turns out quite ok with a little paint. :)