Monday, August 20, 2012

Great Northern War

So, I got bitten bad by this swedish war bug in the vacuum of Dropzone Commander, not wanting to spend any silver untill I know how to get more, the most sensible thing to do was to re-discover my books about GNW and the 1/72 plastics I almost finished painting a while (year?) ago. I also downloaded a file or two from Fanaticus about the DBA extention into the 19-th century, where army lists and rules are for the GNW, among others. Check the period variants section.
I fiddled a bit with this and came up with a little page with rules and army lists for Sweden and Denmark as these are the armies I'll use for now, some DBA-fu is required though...

Try it for yourself here: Linky

This will be the first post without pictures, a sad day indeed. But hopefully I can get another post up soon with some pictures form a test session of this little project!

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