Tuesday, August 21, 2012


So I got around to try this DBA GNW variant, there was only a few models left to paint so I made an exception to my houserule of 'only painted plays'. Don't tell anyone.

The danish army. Built around what I have, nothing historical here.
Camp in the middle, no general.
2xDr, 3xArt, 4xMs, 2xJg, 1xKn

Same here, just grabbed what I had.
3xKn, 2xArt, 6xMs, 1xPk.

The terrain was placed half-random, and the armies rolled off as usual when choosing sides etc.

A few turns into the game, the danes have lost their valiant knights to a lucky cannonball.

The danes splitted the swedish knights at the cost of a dragoon, 
the danes are struggling with their cannons to keep the swedish muskets at bay, loosing a stand in the process. 3-0 to the swedes!

The danes manages to surround and kill a knight, and the cannons with the aid of muskets kill another! The swedish muskets on the far flank are struggling to get into melee, but are pushed back by intense artillery fire.

The final turn the swedish cavalry charge and kill the danish jägers, 
and the muskets finally get into melee and overwhelms the valiant last musketeers.

All in all a good game, the danish seemed too eager to advance and should perhaps been more defensive with their large artillery battery. The swedish commander got confused when his knights failed to press through the right flank and rolled only 1 pip for a few rounds which gave the danes some time to out manouver some swedes and kill them. This angered the swedish commander and he rolled 6 pip's for the last turns and danes were defeated.

Final thoughts: Sweden made some stupid mistakes at the beginning which were paid for in pip's and blood. But on the other hand so did the danes. Next time there will be more tension! There was more terrain than usual, but most important I think this variant plays better on a larger table. Big Battle DBA should be a blast, with larger and deeper units to the front, and more space for flanking manouvers.

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  1. Great litle game, nice to see your little village come to use again.