Thursday, February 20, 2014

Airbrush box

After getting back in flames of war, I want to use the airbrush to get the camo right. To do that I need somewhere to be, and after a bit of googling and talking to some more experienced hobbyists I went with a simple but hopefully working solution.
The pictures should talk for themselves regarding construction, and the idea is to put the box under the kitchen-fan and the tube on top is to go up through the opened filter to get more airflow. A big something underneath as cover for the stove and it should all be enough to paint some very small tanks with acrylics.
I hope. :)
Oh, it all costed around €20!

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  1. Very nice. This will be useful in your work.

  2. Då kommer du förbi någon helg i framtiden så kan vi nörda loss och jag kan försörja dig med ventilationsprodukter. ;)