Thursday, February 13, 2014

Long time no see..

I's been a while since the last post,  mainly due to life in general, but also as I discovered that the blogger app didn't want to post my posts, though it said that the posts were posted. So I will do a little summary of the lost posts in this post;

I have begun to model some more in 1/35, and I intend to make a quite large diorama with the monstrous Karl Gerät along with a pz-IV and a wrecked t-34.
This is the first time I work with photo etched brass, not that I have avoided it, but anyhow.. it is a lot of it, and super many small pieces in the kit overall.

I have also started with Flames of War again as I discovered a lot of players in the next town, and I went for panzers!

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