Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FoF game and the real deal!

Got time for a solo session of Force on Force yesterday, no AAR here, but a picture at least. :) I had to try the new houses.. 
The scenario was quite simple, the US started in the big house with a balcony, and had to get to the two stashes of chocolate bars, one north, and one by the truck, and then back to load it to the M113 so it can drive deliver chocolate to all the off board rockstars who have the munchies, all the while the insurgents feel the surge as well and won't give up the candy without a fight! Who put the chocolate there? It's still a mystery...

I had way to few insurgents, it was almost a walk in the park for the US. Lesson learned the easy way!

Now to something different, some weeks ago I went outside to get some groceries, and was surprised to meet a marching formation of karoliner, and quite a few modern military vehicles on the town square, back home to get the camera, and got some nice pictures, sadly the marching soldiers had went off, but here are some other nice pics:


  1. Thats a nice collection you got there.

  2. Would love to see more FoF in the future, nice "grocery" pics too, the AFV in the last pic is really cool looking.

  3. Thanks!
    @Mik: I'll be sure to take a picture or two next time there is a firefight on the table! I agree, and they are quite huge when you come close. :)

  4. The table looks great! Roomy enough to move, yet enough buildings to block the LOS and allow ambush etc. I hope the robot didn't give you any trouble with your groceries!



  5. Great looking FoF table !

    Best regards Michael