Sunday, June 10, 2012

Middle eastern building update

I have been playing a few solo games of Force on Force to get a grip around the rules (which are awesome, and best solo rules I've tried yet!). Then I figured that while my flexible design of tiles still is a bit stiff if I want more or less space between buildings, and I would need a few more smaller buildings too. Said and done, more smaller buildings and the other ripped from the base:

I found a nice piece of sand colored cloth from a textile shop to use instead of the tiles.
Another thing, today I heard the sound of horses outside, and behold, Smålands Husar regiment was riding just outside my window!

I't is a nice thing to live in a small town with military history and not to mention some more modern stuff too, I ran into one of these the other day when taking a stroll in the forest. Those beasts are huge!


  1. Great looking buildings! It's always nice to find another modern game blogger, I do a lot of modern and ww2, plus a bit of Napoleonic. Though moderns are my main project right now. Your stuff looks very good.

  2. Thanks! It seems you share both my periods of choice and lack of opponents. :D

  3. Great catch on those horses. I told you to allways carry a camera around when you live in Eksjö...

  4. A good looking set up Jonathan. The cloth mat will be much better than tiles I think.

    Well done.