Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New game?


I have read a lot on the website and I find the setting, rules and of course the models most interesting, can this be my next project? It will be released next month and I can't wait for the reviews! (Send a book to me and I'll be happy to do it...)
Recently I have dropped all interest in anything fictional, fantasy or otherwise, but this game seems like something that I can picture myself painting.
What do you guys think?


  1. I think the models look fantastic and would be great also for Future War Commander, which I want to get into but am still sitting on the launchpad with that one.

    As for the game itself, the rules, and all of that, it looks great doesn't it? For my group to even look twice at it though i'd have to do all the grunt work and get two starter armies painted up and run it for a while for it to properly take.

    I think simply time and energy, maybe money too will keep this off my plate for a while unfortunately.

  2. It sure looks like an uniqie game. And those miniatures just look stunning.

  3. I've got a huge PHR detatchment and a sizeable Shaltari cohort on preorder... ;)

    Buit then again, that you already know!